Mother's Day in Villa im Tal

May 14th, 2023 | 
lunch & dinner

Reservations online, by telephone or  per E-Mail possible.


Our Mother's Day Menü

Bread Selection
Herb Spread | Garden Cress


Piemontese Asparagus Salad
Sundried Tomatoes | Crumbled Parmesan
Sage Croûtons | Truffle Burrata


 Spring Vegetable Consommé
Shiitake Mushrooms | Miso


Grilled Artic Char in Aroma Butter
Radish & Spinach Vegetables | Artichoke & Celery Purée


Grilled Anchorena Roastbeef
Melting Green Beans & Tomatoes | Truffled Asparagus & Potato Gratin 


Green Pea Purée
Grilled Asparagus | Beetroot Coulis
Horseradish & Tomato Vinaigrette


Almond Cannelloni
Marinated Strawberries | White Mousse au chocolat
Passionfruit Sorbet


Menu 82,80
Menu vegetarian-vegan 72,80


If you are vegan, just let us know when you reserve your table
and we will happily adapt the menu accordingly.


Children's Menu


Children's Vegetable Soup
Root Veggies | Croûtons


Turkey Schnitzerl
Carrot & Pea Vegetables | Fluffy Potato Purée


Marinated Strawberries
White Mousse au chocolat

Children's Menü 29,80