1st Grade starts on September 5th!


The little ones are getting bigger and are ready to start school. Give your child an unforgettable first day of school in the Villa im Tal in the middle of the forest just on the outskirts of Wiesbaden.  From 12noon you can reserve a table for a tasty First Day of School Lunch. 

The photograpfer Sabine Hell , will be present to take photos of your children with there first day of school 'cones' and their rucksacs, alone or will the whole family. 

Additionally a suprise artist will be there to entertain your children after lunch, so you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your meal.  

Please reserve in advance as tables are limited.



Leafy Summer Salad
Avocado | Sundried Tomatoes | Parmesan Chip | Garden Cress


Pink Roasted PrimeRoastbeef
Sicilian Caponata Vegetables | Crisp Chorizo-Salami Potato-Wedges


Veal Wiener Schnitzerl
Panfried Potato & Bean 'Gröstel'


Grilled River Char
Honey-Basil-Cherry Tomatoes | Apple & Celery Purée


Grilled Chanterelle Mushrooms
Mediterranean Couscous | Fennel & Orange Salad
vegan | vegetarian


Melon & Strawberry Fruitsalad
Mousse au chocolat | Passionfruit Sorbet


3 Course Menu  € 68,80 p. P.


Children's Menu

Child Size Veal Schnitzerl 
Pea & Carrot Vegetables | Potato Purée

Marinated Strawberries | Mousse au chocolat


2 Course Menu  € 24,80 p. P.


Reservations are required!