Events - Yes we can! 


We would like to let you know what presently is allowed in Hessen. 

Up to date and detailled information can be found in german on the following link: hessischen Landesregierung. 

We look forward to greeting you and your guests and promise to do everything we can to protect your health during your event. 


Here are the present rules from the Hessian Government for events:  


Stand 05.12.2021


Events may take place under the following conditions: 

  • the 2G-Rule applies (only fully vaccinated or recovered)*
  • one must wear a mask when not seated at the dinner table and distance must be kept (1,5m between tables, unnecessary person-to-person contact avoided)
  • by events with more than 100 people the 2G-Plus-Rule applies (entry only allowed for fully vaccinated and recovered guestes with a certified antigen or pcr-test or antigen test not older than 24 hours or a test on location under the observation of a designated Villa im Tal employee) 
  • the event location must have social-distancing and hygiene concept.

The corona hygeine rules will be strictly followed by the Villa Team and from all guests. This includes for example careful cleaning of hands, disinfecting and the avoidance of shaking hands, hugging or any other unnecessary bodily contact) A hygiene concept is available for employees and guests to read at their convience. 

*All guests require proof of either a Corona negative test in form of an accepted vaccination certificate (preferably digital) or proof of recovery from Corona (min. 28 days, max. 6 months) These must be presented to our staff in english or german upon arrival. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 do not require a certificate IF they can show their properly executed corona-test notebook from their school. For children under the age of 6 no cerifcate or corona-test notebook is required.