Easter in the Villa im Tal

Sunday, March 31st & Montag, April 1st, 2024

Serving lunch & dinner

Please note that we are serving exclusively our Easter Menu on these days. 

Reservations online, by telephone or by email.

Our Easter Menu

Fresh Adamstal Bread baked by Bakery Klein exclusively for the Villa im Tal
(50 hours of preparation from water and flour through to baking!)
Sea Salted Normandie Butter | Spring Herb Spread


Frothy Celery Soup 
Wild Garlic Ciabatta Croûtons


Anglaise Grilled Sea Bass
Mediterranean Vegetable Barley Risotto | Basil Oil


Slow Roasted Sirloin Steak
Leek & Carrot Vegetables | Lightly Truffled Potato Gratin


Elderberry-Kohlrabi with Truffled Savoy Cabbage
Spinach | Tomato Walnut Pesto | Grilled Asparagus


Raspberry & Rhubarb Compote
Almond Crocant | Chocolate Crumble | Homemad Bourbon-Vanilla Icecream


Menu 78,80
Vegetarian Menu 68,80


For Vegans we will happily adapt the menu.
Just let us know when you make your Easter reservation. 


Our Children's Menu


Clear Vegetable Soup
Root Vegetables | Noodles


Turkey Schnitzerl
Carrot & Pea Vegetables | Fluffy Potato Purée


Raspberry Compote
Vanilla Icecream

Children's Menu 29,80